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There is something indefinably gratifying about shopping, and never more so than when you are on holiday. What makes Europe so enticing is that shopping here is not just an activity, it is a pleasure that cannot be equalled elsewhere.

Retail Therapy in Switzerland

The premier jewellers of the continent, Switzerland manages to provide understated, elegant and one-of-a-kind pieces in both women’s and men’s jewellery. Most famously, the Swiss are renowned for their unparalleled skill in watchmaking, and it is here where you can visit the original salons that have been making watches for hundreds of years.

Fashion in France and Italy

The home of haute couture, Paris was the first fashion capital of the world, and is still the first city to look to for trends. Prominent in the art of clothes making since the 15th century, France boasts many of the big names known in contemporary fashion. The sister-city for fashion in Europe is undoubtedly Milan. A nation of expert craftsmen and dedicated designers, you will find pieces here that you would only see on the runway.