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Wines and Gastronomy

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Wines and Gastronomy

One of the greatest ways to understand a new culture is by trying the local cuisine. Food brings people together, and it is perhaps one of mankind’s greatest pleasures to find new flavours and aromas to savour.

Go On A Journey

Take a culinary journey of the senses, where you can discover the personalities of the countries you visit through their delicious food. Experiment with the cuisine by moving from simple, traditional fare, to indulging your curiosity for all things edible by eating in one of the deluxe gastronomic restaurants of Europe. For those that love to cook, attend classes where you can delight yourself and your family with skills picked up, and new recipes learned.

Learn About European Wine

Test your palette on some of the finest wines Europe can offer, by visiting ancient vineyards of international repute. Sip on red, white, rosé and champagne in castles overlooking the countryside, in villas nestled in sunlit groves, or in chalets with panoramic views of the majestic Alps. Test your olfactory senses on the subtle and elegant notes of Swiss wine, which uses unique grape varieties native to Switzerland, making this rarely exported product one of the most exclusive in the world.