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Wellness and Spa

When you decide to holiday away from home, it is not only the sights and activities that can make a trip abroad magical. So much of making the time to get away is about finding space for your mind to quiet, your body to relax, and your soul to find a little peace.

Summer Wellness

When the weather is warm, you will want to be outside all the time, enjoying the awe-inspiring views the varying landscapes will afford you. Escape the summer heat by sinking into an infinity pool that overlooks the snow-capped mountains and the blossoming forests of the valleys, and see these images doubled in the reflecting waters of the glassy lakes below. Find time in this busy world to slow down and appreciate the glorious wonders of nature.

Winter Relaxation

It is exhilarating spending the day carving new routes on the slopes, and pushing your body to its physical limit. When you finish for the day though, there is nothing more restorative than easing your muscles into a bubbling hot tub, where you can enjoy a glass of champagne beneath a dark sky punctuated with millions of glittering stars. Experience relaxation so bone-deep, that after a carefree sleep you will wake in the morning feeling young and revitalised.