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Swiss Traditions

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Swiss Traditions

This spectacular country has developed a unique sense of identity through its many traditions, and taking part in some of them during your stay will not only add to your holiday experience, but it will enrich your life.

Find Your Alpine Spirit

For a look into true Swiss customs, you can do no better than making your way to the fairytale towns that litter the Alps. Here you can witness the art of yodeling, listen to the deep sounds of the alphorn reverberate against the mountains, and see traditional folk dancing first-hand. If you love animals, than meet the icons of the country, the lovable St. Bernard dogs; play with the puppies in Martigny, and learn about their inspiring role in Swiss history.

Try the Delicious Chocolate

Along with the delicious and peerless selection of wine that the country offers, it is also famed for its luxurious chocolate. Taste this beloved confectionary in Switzerland and you will find that it is so rich and smooth you will be stocking up on supplies before you leave. Join a chocolate making workshop, where you can take part in its creation, or indulge in a little fondue by the fire, where you can test your taste buds and warm up after a day in the cold.