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Outdoor Activities

Uncover the delights of the continent’s quiet countryside, and give yourself the opportunity to be truly alone and at one with nature. Find peace for your mind, body and soul up in the mountains and let the stresses of your nine-to-five life wash away.

Embrace Nature

There is much to do all year round in this part of the world; hike or cycle through emerald forests, or boat and fish on glassy lakes that reflect the perfect blue sky and the mountains that frame it. Keep in shape with adventure sports like rafting, canyoning and ice climbing. For the truly fearless, try skydiving or paragliding over the glorious landscape, in summer or winter, for stunning panoramic vistas.

Go on City Tours

Outside of the soothing call of the country, why not take the time to wander the pretty streets of the towns and cities of Europe? Spend your days strolling through some of the continent’s most beautiful settlements, and be bewitched by the charms of places like Paris, Venice or Lucerne.