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Meet Olympic Champions

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Meet Olympic Champions

Beijing hosts the Winter Olympic Games in 2022, and what better way to prepare yourself for this fantastic international competition than to meet and socialise with renowned and seasoned Olympic champions?

Learn To Ski With A Champion

If you are a beginner, these world-class athletes offer lessons that can help you learn the tricks of the trade properly, allowing you to grow into an accomplished athlete yourself. If you are already familiar with the sport, you will be able to train with these champions, and polish your own skills. The most confident skiers can take a helicopter to untouched parts of the Alps and ski down the pristine slopes with a prestigious title-holder by your side.

An Extraordinary Experience

Give yourself the chance to meet someone truly special, and share time with them in a unique location together. Meet them for dinner the night before your lessons to break the ice, and discuss how you would like to spend the day over cocktails. Make your holiday truly exceptional by booking an audience with these remarkable sports men and women, and you will experience something truly singular in this land of dreams.