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Shopping Services

Our shopping service is fully comprehensive, allowing you to make the most of your time away. Whether that means providing a driver and an assistant, or a personal shopper, we can provide you with a service that suits your needs.

Personal Delivery Services

If you do not want to spend your break touring the shops, but still want to purchase specialty items, like quality designer clothes or exquisite jewellery, we can supply you with a full valet service. Select the items you want, in the size/colour/style you prefer, and have them delivered directly to your room. Try your newly bought wares in your own time, and in the comfort and luxury of your booked surroundings.

Organise Advance Purchases

With some particular products, you will need to order them well in advance, something we can take care of. Send us your itemised shopping list before you travel, and we will find everything you need. Anything that you want will be expressed to your room during your stay, or before you even arrive.