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Photo Shooting and Video

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Photo Shooting and Video

A picture is worth a thousand words, and capturing the special moments on a trip as unique as the one you will take with Soja Swiss Premium Journey, can mean so much down the line.

A Precious Souvenir

Order a full package for the entire trip, or just a souvenir of a particular day you want to remember. Record and encapsulate your unique encounters with this excellent service, where you can capture important memories such as a day spent with an Olympic Champion on the slopes, or the hours spent on a heli-tour of the valleys and troughs that line the Alps. Show friends and family your adventures, and all you accomplished by creating this lifetime souvenir.

Ensuring the Future

If you want to remember the exceptional landscape, or how the sights and sounds of a place made you feel, then we will arrange for an experienced photographer and videographer to record these precious days for prosperity. Allow us to create a remarkable momento of your time with us, and you will be able to look upon this holiday and relive it well into the future.