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Business Services

There are many ways to make an impression in business, but few are so spectacular as the kind Swiss Premium Journey can offer you.

For Your Clients

Our business services run from organising the accommodation, rooms, and parties, to arranging intimate, and important dinners. Soja Swiss Premium Journey can devise and plan a whole series of activities that are perfect for either business or pleasure. By providing your clients and customers with an excellent guide, who can turn a business trip into a travel experience, you will give them the peace of mind conducive to smooth and productive business dealings.

For Your Employees

For team building and incentives, we will advise you on ideas that will create a sense of bonding and adventure and then organise that vision into a reality. Inspire your employees to give the best they can to you, by furnishing them with a unique experience in Europe. Tell us what you want to achieve, and our agents will arrange all the details.