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Where you stay is not just a place to lay your head, it is a home away from home, and we want you to feel welcomed wherever you are, whether that is in Italy, France of Switzerland. We think of accommodation as an experience, not only in terms of elegance but also in terms of discovery.

Find a Sanctuary at Every Port of Call

We offer our clients beautiful Swiss chalets overlooking the sugar-dusted mountains, gorgeous villas with views to the sparkling Mediterranean Sea, and grandiose sun-dappled castles nestled in the rolling vineyard of France. Our residences and hotels all meet the 5 star standards, so that when you make the trip to Europe, it will be a journey you remember forever.

Experience Something Unique

For something a little quirky, bunker down in the icy peaks in a purpose-built igloo! Carved from the surrounding snow, with unique murals sculpted in the frosted walls, you can spend a night in these magnificent rooms. If the chill air does not inspire you, camp underneath the velvety night sky, on a quaint, traditional farm. Alternatively, you can sleep high in the trees, like a character in an adventure story. Embrace nature, and its ephemeral qualities by passing an evening or two in these brilliant hideaways.