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4 simple ways to regain balance after New Year’s Eve parties

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18 Jan 4 simple ways to regain balance after New Year’s Eve parties

After New Year’s celebrations, it is safe to say you might have some regrets: a third helping of creamy soup or mashed potatoes you’ve gratefully accepted, the extra brownies you’ve blindly snagged over cocktails, or the meat-based dishes you’ve ordered while you’re dining out and enjoying late night parties… Moreover, it’s quite likely to feel deprived of energy, overstuffed and bloated once the party’s over and the festive lights have come down. To erase signs of New Year’s celebrations excess and reinject balance into your life, here are some easy to follow tips.

#1 Adjust the water intake to boost your energy levels

Hydration is essential to post New Year’s parties as long as your objective is to flash out the toxins and debris accumulated inside your digestive system and to restore a normal blood-sugar level. If you had high amounts of salt and sugar, your body is undoubtedly craving water and its ability to manage toxins has been altered. To improve your blood composition and increase your energy, do your best to have at least 2 to 3 liters of fresh water per day during the first week after holidays.

#2 Cut out artificial foods and sugar to cleanse your body

To kick start your health, reset your sweet buds and deal with mood swing and tiredness after New Year’s celebrations, you must pick the healthier alternatives and replace sweeteners and cookies with fruits (grapes, bananas, avocados…) and alkaline vegetables such as turnips, cucumbers, parsley, or onions. The high amounts of mineral and vitamins provided by alkaline veggies and fruits will also improve your digestive system and reduce inflammation.

#3 Start exercising 30 minutes per day to lose the few pounds gained over holidays

Most people don’t mind to stay mindful and healthy over Christmas and New Year holidays and may find it slightly difficult to stay on track with exercise and diet. Luckily, 30 minutes of daily intensive exercises is enough for speeding up detox process, losing weight and getting rid of fats. It will take time to get back into working out after a hiatus from exercise. Begin with lighter exercises, don’t push too hard from the beginning and respect your body’s limits.

#4 Spa relaxation time for a feel-good rush after holidays

A relaxing moment is undoubtedly the best gift you can offer yourself or someone special after New Year’s celebrations. After the shopping times, the family get-togethers and the late night parties, you need to find out the best wellness and spa places and get personalized spa and massage services to recharge, remove tension from your muscles and let the stress and the tiredness of the last year out of your mind.

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