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Paris 2024: Unique landmarks and iconic venues for the Olympic Games !

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07 Sep Paris 2024: Unique landmarks and iconic venues for the Olympic Games !

Los Angeles has decided it can wait an extra 4 years as an L.A council member tweeted that the city was moving from #2024 to #2028. Paris’ dream came true sooner than expected! While the city’s bid leaders opted for a diplomatic approach, French people woke up with a big smile after L.A’s renouncement. The L’Equipe sports newspaper ran a front page headline claiming “La Joie est Libre!” (“Joy is free”), a pun on the expression “La Voie est Libre” which means the way has been cleared. Even if the City of Lights won the game on a financial territory, specialists say it was going to win anyway thanks to an unparalleled campaign. The video for the Paris 2024 Olympics presented the French capital as a dream setting for sporting glory. “Build a very responsible project having 95% of existing venues is part of the answer”, says Paris bid chief and former Olympic champion Tony Estanguet. Paris 2024 will take place in a new era where social and sustainable responsibility matters. Paris will have only 2 main zones: Paris Centre and Grand Paris. Let’s take a quick look at the venues that will welcome the Games!

The Seine River: triathlon and marathon swimming

Triathlon and marathon swimming will take place in the Seine. Spectators will witness word-class performances while enjoying walks along the banks of the famous river. Sports enthusiasts from all over the world will discover the romantic side of Paris with its bateaux-mouches, the peniches, the Solferino bridge, the Pont Alexandre III, Notre-Dame de Paris, the Jardin Flottant, etc.

The Eiffel Tower: beach volleyball and other swimming events

Beach volleyball will take place at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. This stunning venue was a hot topic among IOC members. France’s most iconic centerpiece will also host the start of the triathlon and open water swimming events. The Eiffel Tower played a significant role in the bidding process. It should also play a central role in the Games themselves. Paris 2024 will coincide with plans to modernize the Eiffel Tower. Planned upgrades will highlight the tower even further to make it a flawless showcase of the Parisian welcome.

The Esplanade of the Invalides: archery

The Esplanade of the Invalides will host archery. This wide (250 meters, 810 feet) and long (490 meters, 1,410 feet) open lawn area offers an unobstructed view from the north of the Hôtel des Invalides and across the Seine River. Picnics, sunning, roller skating and “boules” will liven up the Games in the Esplanade.

Champs-Elysées: cycling

Cycling competitions will be held at the Champs-Elysées, probably the most beautiful avenue in the world. The Champs-Elysées will provide a glorious backdrop for cycling in the heart of Paris with the finish line set at the unmissable Arc de Triomphe.

Unique landmarks will inspire athletes, audiences and broadcasters. The spirit of the Games will be spread and shared from La Défense to Bastille and beyond. Welcome to the Paris the world will get to know!

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